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Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

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The terms „Advanced Analytics“ and „Artificial Intelligence“ (AI) are currently big buzzwords
and often accompanied by the following, high expectations:

In order to achieve these goals, a clear definition of the impact of an analytics project, as well as technical expertise, are required.

Impact and implementation

Analytics & AI projects are highly exploratory and highly dynamic projects.
The first, critical step, is a thorough business analysis that defines a clear benefit/impact, a project goal. The development is then executed in a data lab in an exploratory way and later implemented in a productive environment in the data factory. During operation, further optimization, if necessary, will be added and there is room for new goals and ideas.

AI Development

Our solutions are based on proven algorithms from the areas of machine learning and deep learning, as well as custom-made analyzes and algorithms. The challenge is to find a solution that is both functional and high-performance and can at the same time be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.
You are welcome to download and try out some of our in-house developments from GitHub and DockerHub.


Analytics as a Service

Our specific provide you with easy access to high performance data science services that help you exploit market opportunities in a more productive way and to save costs.
They are based on autonomous or semi-autonomous analysis methods such as machine learning or neural networks that can serve as cloud-based applications.


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Dr Alexander Wunderle

Dr. Alexander Wunderle
Head of Advanced Analytics & AI

Dr Alexander Wunderle
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