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Cloud Native Computing

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Cloud native technologies comprise a steadily growing number of open source tools for the implementation and operation of scalable applications in your own data center and in the cloud.

Cloud native applications are the ideal addition to existing BI systems and open up new possibilities for data processing.

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Kubernetes with RANCHER®

We believe that Kubernetes for container platforms can best be supplemented by RANCHER®. RANCHER® enables the complete management of any number of Kubernetes clusters and offers integrated solutions for monitoring, logging and GitOps – supplemented by an RBAC system for user management. Applications, data integration and embedded analytics can be implemented safely and efficiently.


We endorse Istio for secure communication between distributed systems.
Istio ensures the control and encryption of communication within the cluster. And because Istio is based directly on Kubernetes, security does not come at the expense of speed.
RANCHER® and Istio are therefore our interlocking solutions for a secure and manageable cloud native infrastructure.

As certified experts, we support you and your DevOps team in the implementation of secure Kubernetes environments together with our partners RANCHER®
and Confluent.

Methods: Open Source Development | Software Engineering | DevOps | DevSecOps | SCRUM | Cloud Native Architectures | Hybrid Architectures | Kappa Architectures

Vendor / Certifications: CNCF | Apache | Linux | Rancher | Confluent | Imply | Pure Storage | Google Cloud | AWS | Microsoft Azure

Software packages: CNCF | Apache | Linux | Rancher | Confluent | Imply | Pure Storage | Google Cloud | AWS | Microsoft Azure


Best Case: CDC with Kafka

Many database systems do not regard the replication log as a public API. This means that access from an external application can often only be achieved using special tools. With Apache Kafka and Kafka Connect  , a very elegant cloud native solution is available that makes change data capture (CDC) possible quickly -even without programming.


Then let’s discuss in a joint online meeting what opportunities cloudnative tools offer you for the further development of your corporate IT.

We look forward to meeting you


Dr. Harald Philipp Gerhards
Head of Cloud Native Computing

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