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We define business intelligence as the use of artificial intelligence to solve specific problems. This is where our two AI services come in: We take advantage of various AI methods to identify correlations and patterns.
Two examples of use cases are price forecasts in day-ahead trading on energy markets and forecasts of energy load peaks for industrial companies (cost saving with the help of optimized energy management).


Data-driven recommendations for D/A trading based on market data and analyzed with state-of-the-art AI algorithms. Forecasts are calculated and made available via online dashboard or messaging system. With these recommendations you can increase your trading performance and reduce time that was necessary to monitor markets.


Energy load peaks represent a significant cost factor for many industrial companies – without offering any added value. This is where AI.peak comes in: A self-learning, light weight system that can reliably predict load peaks based on modern AI algorithms from historical data. Predictions can be integrated into existing energy management systems to actively avoid load peaks and thus prevent unnecessary costs.

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Dr Alexander Wunderle

Dr. Alexander Wunderle
Head of Advanced Analytics & AI

Dr Alexander Wunderle
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